Settling In.

We recently moved (I know I know, again?) and although the move feels right, I feel as though it has taken me a lot longer to be settled than usual. I mean after all of the moves, one would think I would have it down by now. But I digress, onto Harlow Jude. We recently biked to the beach, I’ll have those pictures later. Jacob has gone back to work, which is sad to not have him around everyday (Harlow Jude wakes up yelling out dad dad dada) but also nice to have a routine again. I have a few projects coming up which is wonderful to wake up and have motivation to move passed the pajamas stage of the day. In the meantime Harlow Jude has learned to color with crayons and finger paint; it has been really fun to watch her excitement as she sees which every color looks like on the page.






Harlow Jude ran away from me down the driveway and thought she was so funny, turned to me, smiled, laughed and ran away again. And then she tripped and smacked her face right on the concrete. Poor girl.


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One Comment on “Settling In.”

  1. Janice says:

    How sweet — paint on the nose!!!

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