It has been far too long since a post has appeared in your inboxes. At least I’m assuming disappointment sets in once you check your email throughout the day to no avail, only to find that once again there is no Harlow Jude staring back at you. Life has been really crazy, which one could assume based on the fact that I have a toddler outsmarting me at every opportunity she gets. She is signing so well, her latest accomplishment mastering the word apple. She has spoken her first French word, froid which means cold. She picked up an ice cube and said, “froid.” I was so proud. I’m embarrassed that I was ever worried that she wasn’t eating enough, because man this girl can eat. Aside from her allergy to strawberries, there isn’t a food she refuses favoring zucchini and onions, raw or cooked. As I write, Harlow Jude is devouring sautéed spinach choosing it over cheese, beans and cantaloupe. My point of this is to not discuss Harlow Jude and her eating habits, but to tell you about our trip to Yosemite.

Yosemite was and is beautiful, no matter how many times I visit it remains gorgeous with each visit. Jacob had never been to Yosemite and he has been so anxious about going, I am glad we finally made the visit. It turns out Harlow Jude gets motion sickness and threw up for the first time on our way up the windy mountain. Once our bellies were settled and we were in a change of clothes, the smell lingered but we were hiking up Vernal Falls to find a beautiful rainbow.

Harlow Jude and I recovering post sickness.







I do realize that Jacob probably shouldn’t be rock climbing with Harlow Jude on his back. I have no excuse.

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3 Comments on “Yosemite.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures. Good thing Jacob is so good at climbing:)

  2. tips.and.NYC says:

    Yup, it has been too long :) Wow, that rainbow is so beautiful!!! You all look fantastic!

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