Harlow Jude and I ventured to Long Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles, back to Orange County and back to Long Beach for one week. This was our first flight alone, luckily it was short and scheduled around nap time perfectly. Getting to the airport was a different story. I don’t drive, in fact I don’t even have a license (one day I’ll do it, I will I will); I’m used to biking and using public transportation, but at times like this I wish I could just hop in a car and go. Instead I strapped Harlow Jude to my front, steadily placed the car seat on my back and rolled our luggage sideways to the Amtrak, then to the AirBart and then to the airplane. Luckily Ruthi was waiting for us at the airport to catch me as I literally toppled backward (I’m pretty sure I broke her hand). ***Thank you Peter & Sara for the car-seat that I can actually strap to my back, we’re so lucky to have you.***

This trip was so jam-packed and went by so fast, I wasn’t even able to squeeze everyone in (we missed you Austin, Tammy and Scott).

Me all loaded up at the airport. A woman asked if she could take a picture of me because it was worth documenting, hah.


Harlow Jude on the train. She absolutely loves the train.


Brooklyn and Harlow Jude dancing one morning. I love Harlow Jude being around her cousins.


We were able to visit with Emerson, we’re so lucky. These two will be best friends, even if they fight it kicking and screaming.


Harlow Jude loved Emerson’s chair so much she wouldn’t even get up to get the ball. I completely obliged and handed the ball to her over and over. I swear she won’t be spoiled.


Celebrating my birthday with my family at the park. I haven’t been home for a birthday since I was 27, so this was a lot of fun and special.


All of my nieces and nephews together with Harlow Jude. Brooklyn, Kaitlin, Levi, Sabrina, Iziah, and Savannah. The last time we had everyone together is when I was pregnant and home for the baby shower (see below). We’re so lucky we like one another so much.



We flew home on my birthday, and I walked into a room full of flowers, an edited poster, balloons (yes that is a Spider-Man balloon) and a ridiculously fabulous dinner and dessert. I figure I should show off how wonderful Jacob is, I’m not sure I give him enough credit sometimes.


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One Comment on “OAK-LGB”

  1. Julie Sobralski says:

    absolutely love your blogs! Harlow Jude is absolute doll!

    Julie Sobralski iPad


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