I must revise yesterday’s post or at least offer up an explanation. Jacob’s sense of humor is very dry, very very dry. He finds himself funny, so at least there’s that. I was blabbering on as I do about how I was feeling a bout of writer’s block in regard to posting, and that is when he said to just post pictures. I realize since he hasn’t found it necessary to post himself, I get free reign to say whatever I like even if that makes him out to be the bad guy. All of you that know him knows that he is far from a bad guy; he is the most sincere, kind, honest, smart, and generous person I know with one of the greatest butts of all time. Today is Jacob’s birthday. I could praise him publicly which everyone deserves now and then, but rather I will post some father-daughter moments instead. He has already woken up to a mile-long banner, breakfast and coffee, and to the uncertainty of the surprises that are about to unfold throughout the day.







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3 Comments on “Jacob.”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob! Great pics!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday Jacob. We love you very much. I love all the pictures.
    Love, the Maugas.

  3. Janice says:

    Veronica, what a wonderful message about Jacob. Thank you so much for telling me about him. His pictures that you send of Harlow Jude go a long way to tell me how much he cares about her and cares about you. You picked a good guy Veronica. Hurrah! Janice

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