Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Luke, oh my.

The Sobralski clan came to visit us in New York last week, what a treat, we are so lucky. Harlow Jude is so much more fun now, it was really special for them to play with her rather than have our usual Skype dates full of frozen screens and disconnected calls. Jacob and I have been hosting a lot of guests ever since Harlow Jude has been born, I totally get the appeal, she’s awesome. I think we are a bit tired of going, going, going, but this visit was so special and so welcome; Peter, Sara and Luke were the ideal guests to end it on. We finally made it to the Empire State Building (on the New York bucket list) and to one last dinner at M Shanghai (Jacob’s favorite) before we move. An added bonus of having my in-laws in town was that Jacob and I were able to escape for three hours and enjoy a proper date: dressed in heels, walking hand in hand, enjoying a glass of red wine over a duck dinner and not talking about Harlow Jude (we made it two hours, and somehow ended up discussing diapers of all things; can’t beat romance like that). Thank you for making the trip to see us, we can’t wait to see you in six weeks.

Our visit to the Empire State Building.





Visiting The Clositers at Fort Tryon, 1/2 mile from our house. The only perk of where we live in the ghetto. I have to appreciate them for humoring me in front of one of the hundreds of Rockefeller’s acquisitions.




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3 Comments on “Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Luke, oh my.”

  1. Sara K. says:

    Great pics!!

  2. […] is old, from the Empire State Building with grandpa & grandma, but I thought it was so sweet I want to share […]

  3. […] and I have only been alone twice in the last year (thank you Sara K. and Grandma Sara), so if anyone wants to come and babysit we have a guest room […]

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