I’m lying in bed next to Harlow Jude, Jacob has already left for work, the weather can’t quite decide if it’s going to stay cool enough to pull a sheet over me or so bitterly hot just it has been everyday for too many days to count. The clock on my cell phone, because let’s be honest who has a real clock these days, lights up to tell me the stock market is about to open. So instead of going back to sleep, I watch the ticker of our stocks teeter high and low questioning if it’s time to sell, which I’m sure will carry my obsession all day until the market closes.

Harlow Jude hasn’t slept all night. And when I write all night, I mean has woken up every hour since midnight crying out “mama, mama.” I’ve allowed her to cry it out at times, I’ve given in and nursed her immediately, and I’ve been so annoyed by it I’ve said in a stern voice, “stop it, you’re fine,” and then given in and nursed her. As much as my desire for a good night sleep is at the forefront of my every day thought for the last 16 months (more like 19 because who can really sleep in their third trimester), the idea of lying through bloody murder shrills of her all night for a few nights on end because I won’t nurse her sound more miserable to me than not sleeping itself. While I lie here in my own making of miserableness (it’s a word, don’t worry), I can’t help but look over at her and A. resent the fact that she’ll wake up in 15 minutes and B. just find her absolutely adorable and look at her amazed that she’s actually mine. We did a good job.

And so, I’ll leave you not with the routine of what I’m sure will be an exhausting day (working out is most likely off the schedule, gallons off coffee will be consumed), I will leave you with Harlow Jude at her most adorable aka not in the middle of the night.

Maybe a few of her sleeping, with Pepper of course.


Never too early to try on shoes.


And wear my clothes dangled from her neck, and blow kisses goodbye to herself.





Not really sure why she decided to lie down on the tile, but I decided to take a picture. Maybe because she doesn’t sleep at night.

Harlow Jude and I squint and smile at one another all day every day for the last few months, it’s so funny and ugly, but I hope that we do it forever.


Natural History Museum.

I am a frugal person, there are many ways to sugarcoat this or make it sound friendlier, but let’s just call a spade a spade shall we. I’m frugal. I also love love love museums, so much so that on every vacation we go on I attempt to find some museum or historical landmark. I’ve celebrated many birthdays going to museums and missions, dragging my reluctant family along using my big day as an excuse to go on these outings. I guess the best words to describe me are cheap and nerd. I’ve come to terms with this, you can too.

And so when Nicholl promised that she would make it up to visit, I had a long list of things we could do most of them free. We planned on a Tuesday when the Natural History Museum is free admission for the Mauga clan to visit. I met them at the train station and we rode the subway to the museum (the first train and subway ride for the kids, so so fun). Jacob and Harlow Jude met us at the museum.

It is so fun to see Harlow Jude with her cousins. She loves Levi so much, she’s been saying his name for months now, really practicing her L’s to the point where she says hello now. We had a lovely day, seeing bugs, dinosaurs, animals of every kind and real paleontologists hard at work (hello, Ross Gellar?) I told you, nerd.






There was an exhibit that showed us how snakes see us, it was neat so we all got in on the action.

The end of the day, everyone is exhausted.

Hopefully we get another visit soon, and in the meantime we’ll be working on saying Brooklyn and Kaitlin.


One morning I heard meowing out the front door, as I opened the door I found the tiniest cutest kitten run straight into the house. If any of you know me well, it is that I am not a pet person; I love animals, just ones properly caged, at the zoo.

There was something about this kitten though that tugged at my heart, it could have been it’s tiny size or the fact that Harlow Jude absolutely loved this kitten. And so to make taking her to a shelter even more difficult, we named her Pepper. Harlow Jude would wake up calling “peh-par, peh, peh-par.” Every single time she said her name and would run out to her, I melted; the first of many things I’m sure that I am adamantly against and quickly willing to give into simply because my daughter is so adorable.

We did not keep Pepper, she is safely at a shelter. The same day I ordered her a JellyCat brand gray kitten. Harlow Jude calls this stuffed kitten pepper, kisses her and gets just as excited to see it as she was the real thing (or so I’ve convinced myself because this doesn’t require me cleaning up after it).




Pepper comes everywhere with us.




Santa Barbara.

I have known Natalie since we were 5 years old, with our birthdays one day apart we would tell everyone that we were twins (we don’t actually look alike). I was going to list the millions of memories I have with her, but there are so many I just couldn’t pick which ones to share. And so when the opportunity came to visit her and her family in Santa Barbara while on vacation from her home in London, England we made sure it happened.

We dug holes at the beach, danced at a BBQ, roasted s’mores, looked up and actually saw the stars even catching a glimpse of a shooting star (such a rare sight for us city-hoppers). We had such a lovely time with them, now all we need is for them to move back to California now.

Harlow Jude in her swim cap, the water was actually too cold for her.

Natalie kept fetching water to fill up the dug holes, thank you.


Harlow Jude has been doing really well with being held by other people lately, thank you Lord Jesus. And I’m able to capture photos like these with Natalie and her fiancé Pete.

BBQ’in it.


Harlow Jude getting her dancing shoes on.



Harlow Jude, the Goof.

Harlow Jude is really funny. We call her a little trickster; she’ll come up to you and pretend to hand you something and then run away with it laughing. The other day Jacob said, “I just know she’s going to have your sense of humor and I don’t think I can handle two of you.” Take notes, this is what true love looks like.

Harlow Jude decided she wanted to be a baby the other day. She started crawling around and asked to go in a walker, she hung out low riding in it for ten minutes.




Jacob’s new job has different hours so Harlow Jude is asleep when he leaves and when he gets home. Throughout the day she will yell out for dad, and I simply tell her dad is at work but he gave you a big kiss when you were sleeping. She smiles, and the routine begins again later in the day. Yesterday she tried putting on his t-shirt and would run away every time I tried to take it off. She even played hide-and-seek with it.




And she’s just cute. This was from our most recent trip to The Mauga’s house. We really like them. Harlow Jude has been asking people to hold her, it is a huge step for The Sobralski household.


As Promised.

The three of us biked, well two of us biked, one of us had a sweet front row seat, to the beach two weeks ago. It was a twenty-mile ride, allowing Harlow Jude the perfect opportunity to nap both ways. It was really nice to just get away from all of the chaos surrounding our lives and kind of disappear into the day. We stopped for lunch along the way, played in the water, ate sand (she keeps doing it even though she knows it tastes bad) and really just enjoyed one another. We rode along a trail that allowed Jacob and I to chat the entire way; sometimes we need to leave our element to properly catch up and talk to one another. Home becomes a place for discussing the day to day so often, that I think we forget that we married one another because we like each others company and insights and thoughts and conversation. It was a really beautiful day, it makes me excited for more days like this.




Harlow Jude was watching Jacob swim in the ocean, and at this exact moment he got barreled by a wave and she was yelling out “Daaad!” I find it very sweet, but probably really scary to her.


And the sand is about to go into our mouth . . .



Settling In.

We recently moved (I know I know, again?) and although the move feels right, I feel as though it has taken me a lot longer to be settled than usual. I mean after all of the moves, one would think I would have it down by now. But I digress, onto Harlow Jude. We recently biked to the beach, I’ll have those pictures later. Jacob has gone back to work, which is sad to not have him around everyday (Harlow Jude wakes up yelling out dad dad dada) but also nice to have a routine again. I have a few projects coming up which is wonderful to wake up and have motivation to move passed the pajamas stage of the day. In the meantime Harlow Jude has learned to color with crayons and finger paint; it has been really fun to watch her excitement as she sees which every color looks like on the page.






Harlow Jude ran away from me down the driveway and thought she was so funny, turned to me, smiled, laughed and ran away again. And then she tripped and smacked her face right on the concrete. Poor girl.



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