As of Late.

I would be lying if I were to say that not a lot has been going on, and that’s why I haven’t been posting as frequently. A LOT has been going on, but since I have my tightly knit group on secrecy lock-down I cannot fill you in entirely quite yet. In the meantime, I will share with you some wonderful Harlow Jude moments. I am bias, but man oh man this girl is adorable, 90% of the time. The other 10% you will find me locked inside of a dark bathroom sitting on the floor pondering how I entered into motherhood (this did actually happen recently).

In the meantime, Harlow Jude has been full of fun. She can now open doors, say bubbles, has two new teeth popping through (almost up to 6 with these), try snapping, and sign so well that I am afraid the student will soon become the teacher.

Harlow Jude is a dancer, she’ll start dancing just to get me to turn on the music.



Thank you Emerson for these adorable hand-me-downs. A baby in a trench coat, so sweet.



More dancing.


I loved loved this moment of Harlow Jude and Jacob in the bathtub.


And then Jacob got her dressed and brushed her hair after the bath.



Harlow Jude and I ventured to Long Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles, back to Orange County and back to Long Beach for one week. This was our first flight alone, luckily it was short and scheduled around nap time perfectly. Getting to the airport was a different story. I don’t drive, in fact I don’t even have a license (one day I’ll do it, I will I will); I’m used to biking and using public transportation, but at times like this I wish I could just hop in a car and go. Instead I strapped Harlow Jude to my front, steadily placed the car seat on my back and rolled our luggage sideways to the Amtrak, then to the AirBart and then to the airplane. Luckily Ruthi was waiting for us at the airport to catch me as I literally toppled backward (I’m pretty sure I broke her hand). ***Thank you Peter & Sara for the car-seat that I can actually strap to my back, we’re so lucky to have you.***

This trip was so jam-packed and went by so fast, I wasn’t even able to squeeze everyone in (we missed you Austin, Tammy and Scott).

Me all loaded up at the airport. A woman asked if she could take a picture of me because it was worth documenting, hah.


Harlow Jude on the train. She absolutely loves the train.


Brooklyn and Harlow Jude dancing one morning. I love Harlow Jude being around her cousins.


We were able to visit with Emerson, we’re so lucky. These two will be best friends, even if they fight it kicking and screaming.


Harlow Jude loved Emerson’s chair so much she wouldn’t even get up to get the ball. I completely obliged and handed the ball to her over and over. I swear she won’t be spoiled.


Celebrating my birthday with my family at the park. I haven’t been home for a birthday since I was 27, so this was a lot of fun and special.


All of my nieces and nephews together with Harlow Jude. Brooklyn, Kaitlin, Levi, Sabrina, Iziah, and Savannah. The last time we had everyone together is when I was pregnant and home for the baby shower (see below). We’re so lucky we like one another so much.



We flew home on my birthday, and I walked into a room full of flowers, an edited poster, balloons (yes that is a Spider-Man balloon) and a ridiculously fabulous dinner and dessert. I figure I should show off how wonderful Jacob is, I’m not sure I give him enough credit sometimes.


Our Fourth of July.

I absolutely have an obsession with the Fourth of July, and while it should be for patriotic reasons I’m sure, it just isn’t. I love fireworks, and I mean love them so much that I will pull off on the side of the road if I see them and watch the entire display. I mean love them so much that sometimes I get teary during a finale. I mean love them so much that when I die I want to be cremated and blown up in fireworks. With this being Harlow Jude’s second Fourth of July, this has also been the second year where I haven’t been able to watch the fireworks because she is asleep well before the show has begun. But that’s okay, I feel it turning around from this point on.

We ventured to the marina here and went to the petting zoo. Harlow Jude had such a fun time, but was secretly more interested in the dogs rather than the llamas and goats. She wanted me to stop for every star splattered balloon she saw which was every five feet.







The Comeback.

My sister Nicholl said it best, “I think that’s how parenthood is. It doesn’t always go as we thought.” This sentiment could be applicable to every aspect of life really. If I stood back and analyzed my life’s hopes and dreams with what reality is (something I probably do far too often), it definitely did not go as thought. To be quite honest, sometimes what is is better than what was planned.

I have found this last year consumed by Harlow Jude and prior to that consumed by Jacob and prior to that by my career and prior to that by my mom’s health and prior to that by school and prior to that I was in my twenties and was consumed by having a good time and making just enough money to get by. It dawned on me last night as I was packing for my packed-full-week of Orange County visits and obligations that I don’t remember the last time I truly did something I wanted to do. Many of you moms are probably thinking, “welcome to parenthood,” and many of you wives are probably thinking, “welcome to marriage.” My titles of wife and mother are two I refuse to give up, but I do remember a time when I was motivated and relentless and driven and well, maybe a bit selfish. And while I do enjoy being more selfless, I do miss the part where I was driven and creative.

Blah, blah, blah. So, when Harlow Jude and I return from our week long stint in Orange County celebrating Dave and Nicholl’s 10-year wedding anniversary (congratulations, this is incredible, I wouldn’t miss coming down for anything), I am going to make some changes. If these past couple of weeks haven’t been any indication, I will continue to blog but just a bit less. I need to allow myself some time where Harlow Jude isn’t consuming me.





We bought Harlow Jude her own baseball cap for her birthday, so now we’re a family of cap wearers (we are so lame).


And we bought her this lobster print bathing suit.


Harlow Jude has outgrown her pink Converse, we are onto black ones with flower shoe laces.



Goodbye for now. We will be back in one week, we fly home on my birthday!


I must revise yesterday’s post or at least offer up an explanation. Jacob’s sense of humor is very dry, very very dry. He finds himself funny, so at least there’s that. I was blabbering on as I do about how I was feeling a bout of writer’s block in regard to posting, and that is when he said to just post pictures. I realize since he hasn’t found it necessary to post himself, I get free reign to say whatever I like even if that makes him out to be the bad guy. All of you that know him knows that he is far from a bad guy; he is the most sincere, kind, honest, smart, and generous person I know with one of the greatest butts of all time. Today is Jacob’s birthday. I could praise him publicly which everyone deserves now and then, but rather I will post some father-daughter moments instead. He has already woken up to a mile-long banner, breakfast and coffee, and to the uncertainty of the surprises that are about to unfold throughout the day.







So He Says.

Jacob told me that no one really reads what I write, so I should just put some pictures. So, here is Harlow Jude’s 1st birthday celebration. I stayed up decorating the house with banners and signs.


I made her a reversible party hat, one side leather and the other knit. Hopefully it will be worn for many birthdays to come.

We sang “Happy Birthday” and ate homemade almond and cornmeal blueberry muffins.


Harlow Jude in her birthday outfit, just a little Ralph Lauren for the birthday girl.


We stopped at a fruit stand and bought cherries and apricots, I had never done that before.


We had a bit of a costume change, the weather is much cooler in Carmel.


And we’re at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!









We had a lot of presents waiting for us when we arrived home. Harlow Jude now thinks that every package we receive, it must be for her.


Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Harlow Jude! You are one-year old today! This year somehow feels like it was only three months long, but five years at the same time all rolled into one. I don’t know a better way to explain it. How Jacob and I are parents to a one-year old is beyond me, how we are parents at all is beyond me. This last year has been incredibly emotional and self-defining; it has tested our strength, our faith and our marriage*. And while it remains that I miss my mom and wish she could help me raise my daughter, I am so grateful and feel so thankful for Peter and Sara. You two are the most wonderful grandparents, you make it so easy for me to not feel sad that Harlow Jude has only one set of grandparents, thank you.

*Jacob and I have only been alone twice in the last year (thank you Sara K. and Grandma Sara), so if anyone wants to come and babysit we have a guest room waiting.

We have an exciting birthday adventure planned with homemade party hats and aquarium visits. Stay tuned for the pictures next week. Meanwhile, let us reminisce shall we…

The last pregnant picture, 5 days before Harlow Jude was born.


May 22nd, 2013, we welcomed no-name Sobralski


1-Month Old.


2-Months Old.


3-Months Old.


4-Months Old.


5-Months Old.


6-Months Old.


7-Months Old.


8-Months Old.


9-Months Old.

Processed with Rookie

10-Months Old.

Processed with Rookie

11-Months Old.


And as I type this with the belief that Harlow Jude remains napping, she has climbed out of bed, opened the door and placed her head in my lap. Welcome to the toddler years, the fun has really just begun.


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